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"More music, more fun!" is my slogan! My blog is an easy way to listen and download high quality music. You can find your favorite songs and the information about it in this Blog. Hope you enjoy staying here!


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    1. Hello Gamebola! First of all, thank you! I wanted to signal you that few "Empire's music" EP aren't working + The blog lacks some hits like "Here" – Alessia Cara, "Ex's and Oh's" – Elle King and "All my friends" – Snakehips ft Tinashe and Chance The Rapport, thank you for posting those songs! bye

  1. Hey Gamebola! Love your blog, great selection of music. Was wondering if you could upload 'Ghost – Meliora' album (was released today 21st of August)? Would greatly appreciate that, and thanks!

  2. Hello Gamebola! First off, I would like to tell you that your blog is just wonderful, I'm so fond of the music you upload!!! I got a question: Are all of the iTunes posted here purchased from the Store and genuine? Just askin' :) Keep up good work! 

  3. Hi Gamebola, Can you upload Bon Jovi song 'Take Back The Night' (iTunes quality)? is very difficult to get, as only this in the Japanese iTunes store.

    This site is fantastic, congratulations! and Thanks.

  4. Hey Gamebola! Awesome blog and I have to say thank you for all the great iTunes music that you post here. Any chance you could upload 'Soilwork – The Ride Majestic' album? I think it was released a week ago. Thank you so much in advance and all the best!

  5. hello almighty gamebola, i remember when back in the days you used to post on hoodoola a set of classic albums you personally enjoy, would be great if you could do something like that again!

      1. oh, okay! so do you have some of these maybe?

        susanne sundfør – ten love songs

        mayer hawthorne – a strange arrangement

        jme – integrity>

        cunninlynguists – a piece of strange

        sibylle baier – colour green

  6. Guys, you're doing an incredible job here! Thanks a lot for that.

    Do you have Jarryd James – Thirty One? It's his debut album, released today in Australia and New Zealand and it'd be dope if you could upload it!

  7. If anybody had Slayer – replentless or Stratovarius – Eternal, It would be appreciated.

    Special  thanks to Gamebola for sharing your music.

      1. Hi Alwaspunk, I rembember that you shared Judas Priest – Reedemer of Souls, which was quite a lot nice.

        Could you share Slayer – Replentless album please, or send it to Gamebola please, for Gamebola posts it, please.

        Thanks  in advance! if only anybody could get Statovarius Eternal album.

        Gamebola, thanks so much for all, if you post Metal Music better than better hehehe , 😉 thanks guy!

  8. Slayer – Repentless posted here is from Russia iTunes. I don't know who bought this, but the files were modified….   In all countries except Russia, the album was Mastered for iTunes. If anybody had the Mastered for iTunes version, it would be wonderful could share it please.


  9. Hey!!! Don't disrespect me!!!

    I only said that analyzing the files of Slayer album from DVLS and yourself were modified, and both were bought for anybody in iTunes Russia.

    With all due respect just I have found it rather odd that album was bought for DVSL or you in that store!!!!!


    1. You ask me to buy this album for u, and i done for u! And u still need mastered for iTunes, what happen? It’s my money, i repeat my money. When do you sastify? when?

  10. Don't worry Gamebola!

    I wanted the Mastered version, then checked the DVLS version, and it was like posted here and modified, and it was from RUSSIA too…

    I thought that it would be posted the USA version, or some from other countries, less the Russia version, that it is the only non mastered.

    You could demand a refund to iTunes, because a different content, in relation to the rest of countries.

    Finally, I remember being said, thank you very much for the requests.

    Peace bro, ;).


  11. Hey Gamebola, 

    Could u please provide bollywood latest music also.. here we are in large number in quantity that looking for Indian bollywood music albums and singles. . We love you for provided such music


      1. Ofcourse u don't like bollywood music.. but for  your fans would u please provide us only some latest tracks..

    1. ALSO, just because I just saw XCLEANX's MxPx collection, is there any way I could get my hands on them [with his permission] – It's been ages since I've listened to Swing Set Girl and I'm OK, You're OK. 

      I'm gonna start hanging out here now!

  12. Hey Gamebola! If you see another copy of the new CHVRCHES can you post it? One of the bonus tracks on the first copy that was floating around is damaged.

  13. GAMEBOLA!!! Man i've been lookin for you since itunessource died out. Keep the exclusives and gospel music coming, greatly appreciate it.

  14. Hardwell's new single isn't available in the US either or I would pick it up. I'm almost certain it'll be released today (Oct 13) or Friday. I've only seen it in the NL store (so far)…

  15. Hey Gamebola, I saw earlier in this feed that you take iTunes match requests. I was wondering if you could match Happiness In Self Destruction by The Plot In You? Thanks!

  16. Gamebola i'm happy and hopeful too see you came back to the game, i dont know if you have time for a request, perhaps i shoudn't mention hoodoola site but it's kind necessary, the thing is that hoodoola site had the discography of Dead Can Dance and i was wondering if you have any album from Dead Can Dance and thanks for all the music you share i wish you the best of luck and good vibes 😀

  17. Obrigado por postar os nacionais, mesmo sendo Match. Se possível, posta Detonautas por favor, principalmente o acústico deles.

     Obrigad e parabéns pelo site.

  18. Hi all right ?, looks'm a big fan of that site love very much, and was seeing that you have put the discography of Dawn Richard, most had not '' James Dean '' and wanted to ask you if you could provide James Dean Dawn Richard Thanks.

  19. Hi Gamebola, I saw you posted many Sufjan Stevens' album. I have Itunes match too but I can't find 2 albums of this artist! Could you post them? :)

    The 2 albums are: "Greetings from Michigan – The Great Lake State (Deluxe Version)" and "Songs for Christmas"

    Thank you!

  20. userscloud is really slow. they restrict dl to 100kb/sec. everything was so fast on google drive links. im grateful either way but wanted to pass on what i'm experience with the new posts.

  21. Could you please upload:

    The Chainsmokers – New York City (Single)

    The Chainsmokers – Roses (Single)

    M83 – Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

    Thank you so much!

  22. hello gamebola,

    thanks so much for everything you do!!! i love you!!! haha can i request for petshop boys discography please, please, please!!!

    love from the philippines!!!

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