Pablo López – El Mundo y los Amantes Inocentes

Genres: Pop in Spanish, Music, Latino, Pop
Released: 04 September 2015
℗ 2015 Universal Music Spain, S.L.


3 thoughts on “Pablo López – El Mundo y los Amantes Inocentes

  1. Gamebola, please my last request, could you help to Guitelles to fix the songs,4,6 & 8 from Metallica – Death Magnetic please? They weren't matched correctly, and have clipping because they aren't mastered for itunes.

    I am happy with those Metallica's albums, but Death Magnetic is specially waited for me, please fix it.

    This album is worth  in Mastered for iTunes.

    Only they are three songs with error.

    I wish you  get it!

  2. Thanks Gamebola for your comment, if you could get in touch with him, it would be awesome, I don't have his email or your, and I always have to write on any posts.

    I'm looking foward to listening to Full Death Magnetic, and it faults the best songs such as "The day that never comes","Cyanide", and "The Judas Kiss"  :-(

    Gamebola and your partner Guitelles, you are the best, the top music always is here!

    Thanks so much!!!!

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