Slayer – Repentless (Mastered for iTunes)

Genres: Metal, Music, Rock
Released: Sep 11, 2015
℗ 2015 Nuclear Blast GmbH



4 thoughts on “Slayer – Repentless (Mastered for iTunes)

  1. thaaaaaaaaaanks, this request was awaited for me, thanks, thanks, thanks, you are the best!!!



    thank you very much, it sounds perfect!

  2. While I really appreciate what you do I can't understand why you deleting copyright info from tags (release year and record label). Honestly, it sucks. I dig m4a from iTunes not only for the (hopefully) high quality (for lossy format ofcourse) but also for their accurate taging.

    1. Hi noname,

      I didn’t remove tags or copyright information, they are only availabled for US Store, NZ store, Canada Store and some other stores except Russia store – where i bought music! 

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