8 thoughts on “Slayer – Repentless

  1. It is truth, DVSL has posted the same album also non mastered. This is rare, because in all countries the album has been Mastered for iTunes, and the two posted are non mastered.

    Gamebola please, could you check in iTunes, if the version bought is non mastered please? In USA ,France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany…i checked it and the album is Mastered for iTunes, it does not appear non mastered.

    Please could you try to check it, it is possible that you download it with that error.

    I am interesting in the Mastered, e.g Iron Maiden – The book of Souls Mastered for iTunes sounds much better than CD version.

    Thanks Gamebola.

  2. This album is from Russia iTunes.

    I don't know who bought this, but the files were modified….  

    In all countries except Russia, the album was Mastered for iTunes.

    If anybody had the Mastered for iTunes version, it would be appreciated to share it please.

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